• Professionalità e simpatia a treviso dal 1990

    Acconciature alla moda per Domma a Treviso

  • Treviso taglio capelli uomo

    Taglio capelli alla moda Uomo e cura della barba a treviso

  • Wellness and beauty

    Colore e riflessi vieni a scoprire il tuo nuovo stile da noi

The Beauty

We do everything to make you look good, from hair coloring, straightenings to extensions.
  • Haircut
    25 €
  • Wash + Haircut
    30 €
  • Hair Color
    35 €
  • Extensions
    60-120 €
  • Straightening
    150 €

For Gentleman

Men want to be stylish too, whether it is beard trimming or a complete wash and cut.
  • Shorten Sides
    12 €
  • Haircut
    18 €
  • Wash + Haircut
    25 €
  • Trimming + Shaving
    20 €
  • Shorten Sides + Shaving
    15 €

Our Team

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We are hiring!

Prendi un appuntamento

+39 0422 305707

Opening Hours

Mon, Thu: 12 am – 7 pm
Tue, Fri, Sat: 10 am – 4 pm
Wed, Sun: Closed


Viale G.G. Felissent 76/b
31100 Treviso

Professional Workshops

We provide online tutorials, workshops and quick styling tips.
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